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Baking bread, take #2

Following on from my first attempt at baking bread, I decided to have another go.  Using the same wholemeal flour and seeds mix, I added some chopped rosemary and dried chilli flakes for a bit of interest.  While this loaf looks a little more photogenic and was twice the size of the last one, it still didn’t meet my exacting standards.  The dough itself was a little wet and the whole thing spread out a lot in the oven, making a big flat loaf rather than rising upwards. Doubling the recipe didn’t help with some of the issues I had with the previous attempt either – trying to get the balance right between cooking the middle properly and not singeing the top is still eluding me.  There were lots of big air bubbles too–a little reminiscent of a foccacia, which would have been fine if that were my intention…


On the plus side it tasted good, especially with the rosemary added.  Whatever technical faults a loaf of bread might have, as long as it tastes nice, it still gets eaten.  I’m not put off yet (nor should you be!).  Besides, I still have yeast and some of the flour left over but next time I think I need to be more careful in adding liquid, and perhaps use a tin to get the shape neater.  I will get it right.  Eventually.


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