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Treats and a tonsillectomy

Two weeks ago I had a tonsillectomy.  It was a purely elective surgery to stop me snoring: my tonsils were so large that were partially blocking my airway while I slept, making me tired and irritable in the daytime.  It was my first time being operated on, but everything went smoothly and I was home that evening.  Unfortunately, while I could eat solid food (in fact, it was recommended), I couldn’t eat anything hot or spicy; eating gazpacho 3 days in a row isn’t at all fun.  I’m back to normal now and with no issues eating or sleeping – as strange as it sounds, I’m having regular dreams which is a big deal, as it means I’m getting a good quality of sleep.  I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in my mood too.

In preparation for the aftermath of the surgery, I made sure to pick up plenty of ice cream and things that I could eat with minimal effort including some tinned fruit.  To get the leftovers out of the cupboard, I made some French desserts to re-introduce myself to cooking after bed rest and sandwiches.  The first was an apricot tart with sweetcrust pastry (which I’d never made before), and an orange bavarois (a kind of mousse made from custard, beaten egg white and whipped cream that then is set is with gelatine).

The tart was a bit leaky and soggy.  I forgot to chill the pastry in the tart tin before blind baking, making it collapse at the edges and overflow, leaving spots of burnt sugar on the bottom of my oven.  The buttery sweet pastry was still tasty and it was still good with a cup of coffee.

Apricot tart

The bavarois was a bit more of a success and all the processes involved were good fun, though I might employ the help of an electric whisk for next time!  It was my first time making custard, meringue and using gelatine and perhaps it was quite brave to try all three for one recipe, but apart from not using quite enough gelatine to make it firm enough to slice neatly! A tin of mandarin segments (spiked with some orange liqueur) made it into a nice, zesty dessert – lighter than a panna cotta but more substantial than a mousse.

Orange bavarois

I’m glad to be back to normal again and to have no medical issues to worry about (after a year of nasal sprays and sleep studies), and looking forward to having more energy to be more creative and adventurous in the kitchen!

One comment on “Treats and a tonsillectomy

  1. Aliasi
    July 25, 2014

    I love your 1st pic, looks so yummy, may it kill tonsillectomy? ha ha nice share


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