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Just a quick update…

On Saturday I packed up all my things into a van and spent the day on the road, transferring all my things from sunny Plymouth to a much chillier Buxton for the summer.  I’m staying with my parents for the next couple of months (it was their idea!) and being put to work in the kitchen and doing whatever household jobs need doing, just to save a little money really. At the moment there’s a bavarois setting in the and a simple sponge cake has been done to test-drive the new oven; despite almost every ingredient being up to 2 years out of date, it turned out edible enough.  It says a lot for the accuracy of best-befores, but now I can be a bit more confident with the fan oven!

Of course, I’ll have a bit more time for cooking and baking over the next couple of months and I’m looking to use this time to investigate doing some freelance food writing as well.  Hopefully, I’ll be coming out with three or four posts a week, so please feel free to subscribe to email updates in the sidebar, or follow on Twitter for regular recipes and more.

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